Below is a range of current Terms and Conditions relating to different product and service offerings, including current and completed promotions and competitions both in-store and across all our business functions. Please refer to the correct set of Terms and Conditions based on your enquiry.

  1. STYLE loyalty card, known as CLUB CARD, is issued by, and remains the property of STYLE who reserves the right to decline, issue and withdraw the card at any time. STYLE reserves the right to alter or amend the conditions of operation of the Loyalty Card.
  2. To earn points for a transaction the STYLE Loyalty Card must be present at the checkout, otherwise the transaction cannot be recorded and therefore points cannot be given. Points cannot be claimed retrospectively. The card is not transferable.
  3. STYLE reserves the right to make certain products exempt from points.
  4. At least N$150 or 150 pula must be spent on the first transaction to qualify for a card.
  5. Rewards will be displayed on the base of the receipt, provided communications to the servers are available.
  6. The redemptions value may not be exchanged for cash.
  7. To redeem points you must present your card to the cashier at the till.
  8. If your card is lost or stolen please contact your nearest branch.
  9. This card is not active to earn or redeem points until registered on the system.
  10. Points need to be used within 12 months otherwise they will expire.
  11. Minimum purchase value of N$150 or 150 pula is required to earn points. Card cannot be swiped for purchases under N$150 or 150 pula.